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Shivpuri is a small village in Uttrakhand, 16Km from Rishikesh city. Shivpuri was famous for beach camping and white water rafting in the holy river ganga. Beach camp was very popular in shivpuri but in 2014 NGT had baned al beach camps near ganga. Shivpuri village is located near bank of river so there are few campsite in the private land which was near the riverside beach. Camp Ganga Vatika Offer camping rafting in shivpuri , the campsit is 150meter far from its river bech you can enjoy swimming in river under the guidence of our experts. Our river guide will take care of your security we will provide you life jackets for you safety. [ For more information you can call us at 9456165262, 8006243534 : Mr.Vinod Pandey]

River Rafting, Shivpuri

River Rafting in Rishikesh is the top adventure destination in india, millions of peoples comes to rishikesh for rafting. It was the only adventure which fits for all peoples budget. Rafting in Rishikesh packages are according to different section of rafting. Did you know about all sections available and what they cost, lets Check it out.

  • Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16Km) - Rs499/person.
  • Marine Drive to Shivpuri (12km) - Rs499/person.[prefered for children]
  • Brahampuri to Rishikesh (12km) - Rs500/person.
  • Byasi to shivpuri (24Km) - Rs950/person
  • These are all points {Byasi--Marine drive--Shivpuri--Brahampuri--Rishikesh.}

Stay in Shivpuri, Camping Cottages Resort etc

Ok We enjoyed river rafting but what about stay! Yo..Camp Ganga Vatika have somehing exciting and adventurous for you. We offer all kind of facilities to stay like Nature camping, Resorts, luxury camps, guest houe etc,. Among these the top selling package in shivpuri was Nature camping, Just think you get : night with friends - family - bonfire - camping - mountains - music - fav.tracks - food - riverside beach activities - games & sport - Rafting - cliff jump - bodysurfing etc..

  • The camp above is beach camp but it is not available for thi time.[Beach Camp -Rs1200/person]
  • We have another campsite which is 150meter from ganga beach [ Nature Camp -Rs1000]
  • Enjoy your day in the luxury camps at byasi. camps with attach toilet bathroom [Luxury Camp -Rs1800].
  • We also have resort in shivpuri having swimming pool [Resort -Rs2000].
  • For More Information Call us on : 9456165262, 8006243534.

Adventurous Activities in Shivpuri

We are providing our services in the field of adventure since 2001, we experinced staff who will take care of your journey. they will provide you best camping experience which you willbe nere forget.

Our nature camping package is top selling package in rishikesh ! you now why? because we have experinced team for camping activities , like we will provide you a river guide for swiimming in river ganga beach. For us safetyty comes first thats why thousands of people are choosing us for their best camping experinse.

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You all heard about river rafting in rishikesh, it is number one adventure destination of india. We are happy to inform you that river rafting in rishikesh is started from 18 september.

You can call us on 9456165262 for best deals in rishikesh. We are recognised from uttrakhand tourism and all of our river guides had, above 1o year of experience. Their experience will make you trip exciting and adventurous

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We also have luxury camping in shivpuri and some cottages and resorts. We know that they are costly but perfect for peoples who loves luxury life. Our site have swimming pool so that you can enjoy in water. in this package we will not arrange any beach activities. for beach activities and nature fun you should go for nature camping

For more detil and for best package you can call our 24 hour available supportive team : 9456165262. [For For foreigners :- 9068103404].

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