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Camp Ganga Vatika

Camping and Rafting Price



16km Rafting

From: shivpuri to rishikesh
including: cliff-jump, body-surfing & much more

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1 Nights, 2 Days

Camping in Shivpuri

including: beach-activities, sports, 3-meals, tea&snacks, music & much more

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1 Nights, 2 Days

Camping and Rafting in Shivpuri

All camping & rafting activity included

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zipline in shivpuri

7oo meter

Zipline by Flying fox

In Shivpuri 700m long 70ft height. read complete about it

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Rishikesh Camping & Resorts Packages

  • 1500.00|1 Night, 2 Days

Camping in Shivpuri

Activity:- Rafting & Camping

Include - Cliff-Jump,Body-Surfing,Beach-Volleyball and Beach Activity , Music, Camping, Bonnfire

  • 2600.00|1 Night, 2 Days

Luxury Camp in Rishikesh

Activity :- Rafting & Camping

INCLUDE - Music, stay in luxury camp, swimming pool, bonfire, sports, 3 meals, rafting, cliff-jump, seimming

  • 1600.00|1 Night, 2 Days

Shivpuri beach camp


INCLUDE - Beach Camping, Rafting, Cliff-Jump, Body-Surfing, Beach-Volleyball and Beach Activity, 3 meals

new year party rishikesh
  • 1600.00|1 Night, 2 Days

New Year party in Shivpuri


INCLUDE - Camping, Rafting, Bonfire, Music, Food, Beach Activity, cliff-jump, Swimming, Snacks & Tea


River Rafting in Rishikesh

River Rafting in Rishikesh is the top adventure destination in india, millions of peoples comes to rishikesh for rafting. It is the adventure which fits every traveler or tourist budget. Rafting packages in Rishikesh are according to different section of river rafting and also depent on seasons.
Did you know about all rafting sections available in Rishikesh ?
and what they cost ? let Check it out.

  • Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16Km) - Rs499/person. " best section of rafting in rishikesh "
  • Marine Drive to Shivpuri (12km) - Rs499/person. ( 2nd Best Option )
  • Brahampuri to Rishikesh (12km) - Rs500/person. [prefered for children]
  • Byasi to Shivpuri (24Km) - Rs950/person (only if You Have Enough Time)
  • Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (36Km) - Rs1550/person (only if You Have Enough Time it will take whole day)If You all are Youngster age 20-30 than you should go for this
  • These are all points {Kaudiyala--Byasi--Marine drive--Shivpuri--Brahampuri--Rishikesh.}

All About
Camping & Resorts in Rishikesh

Welcome to Rishikesh and Shivpuri. Apart from adventure activities in Rishikesh Camp Ganga Vatika also offers stay in Rishikesh & Shivpuri. Types of stay we offer are : Beach Camp | Alpine Camp | Luxury Camp | Forest Camp | Resort | Tourist Guest House | Hotel . With camping in Rishikesh we offer many adventure activities that gives an outstanding and memorable experience. We have camping packages for all kind of budgets.
Our Packages starting from:- camping with food Rs 999, stay without food Rs500, camping + rafting Rs 1499.
[ For more information you can call us at 9456165262, 8006243534 : Mr.Vinod Pandey]

About stay & Camping Packages In Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh is one of the famous adventure activity in North India. Miliion of tourist who comes to Rishikesh for Travel mostly vhoose camping for stay, whether they come for rafting, zipline, yoga or any adventure but camping in rishikesh is the best place to hangout. There are other types of facility also to stay in rishikesh and many of them we offers at different locations. We have all types of facility to stay in rishikesh for every budget
Did you know about all types of stay available in Rishikesh?
and what they cost ? let Check it out.

  • Riverside Beach Camping : No electricity, No music, No Non-Veg, but it is the top selling package and always in high Demand because of Nature beauty tents near the ganga river Packages are starting from Rs999
  • Nature Alpine Camps in Shivpuri : 150 meter from our ganga beach and it will take 4min to reach the ganga beach these camps have electricity facility, music and non-veg allowed. 2nd top selling package in Rishikesh. Packages are starting from Rs999
  • Shivpuri Resort 16Km from Rishikesh : 3rd top selling package. Not offers beach activity. resort have swimming pool and it was quite expensive but worth its money. packages are starting from Rs2000[prefered for children]
  • Luxury Camping Byasi : enjoy forest camping at byasi 24Km from Rishikesh. Features: personal toilet bathroom, swimming pool, Music, Forest. Packages are starting from Rs1600.
  • Tousris Guest House : It is best option for stay in rishikesh if you have want only single room and pay per room. Rent of single Room for 1night 2day is starting from Rs999. Maximum person allowed in a room is 4. AC rooms and Non AC rooms are available.
  • To Know more and To Get best Packages Call Us at 9456165262.

Camping in Rishikesh itinerary

  • ACTIVITIES :- Rafting, Bonfire, Rivierside Beach activity, sports, Music night, in house sports, Rishikesh waterfall trek, jungle trek and many more activities.
  • FOOD & Menue :- kardai chicken, Chili chicken, boiled egg, kardai paneer, mix vegetable, tawa chapati, tandoori nan, salad, dal makhni, choley bhaturey, parantha, bread butter, bread jam, rajma chawal, evening snacks, peanut chat, fried nutri, masala papard, mix veg pakora, chicken pakorda, masala tea
  • CAMP DETAIL :- High quality camp, jungle and swiss camp, common washroom, dinning area, electricity, music, premium service, premium adventure camp, proper beding
  • Camp Ganga Vatika offers pre planned trips which make you experience or holiday special and memorable. Make your own package call us at 9456165262 . Book at least 4 days before your arrival and get your trip planed by our special tour management team.

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