Camps in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh offers a comfortable and rejuvenating holiday in the Himalayas range which reduces your stress and lets you enjoy the freshness of nature under the twinkling stars with light music, bonfire, dance, delicious food, and fun activities. Camping packages in Rishikesh are starting from Rs 1099 and cost up to Rs 1999 per person. Rishikesh offers a wide range of camping options at multiple locations with different environments and themes. Riverside camping & luxury camping are some most popular camping experiences in Rishikesh.

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Ganga Beach Camping


River View Luxury Camp


Mountain View Camps

  • Luxury Camp with Pool
  • Free Parking @ Campsite
  • Starting at Rs 1200
  • Campsite Detail

Shivpuri Luxury Camp

  • Camp with Pool & Cafe
  • Affordable Luxury Camp
  • Starting at Rs 1200
  • Campsite Detail

Jungle Camp Rishikesh

  • Forest Camping with Pool
  • Starting at Rs 1599
  • Occupancy: 120 People
  • Campsite Detail

Rafting Expedition Camp

  • Camps @ Ganga Bank
  • 70 Km Rafting Expedition
  • Starting at Rs 120000
  • Campsite Detail

05 Best Camps in Rishikesh in 2024

Rishikesh Camping Sites are the best weekend getaway near Delhi and a great way to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of the Himalayan mountains and valleys. As a tourist spot, Rishikesh is famous for adventure activities like rafting and camping.

01. Ganga Vatika Riverside Camp


Camp Ganga Vatika is committed to providing a memorable and delightful camping experience in Rishikesh. Ganga Vatika Riverside Camp is situated in a heavenly location near the banks of the River Ganga surrounded by a beautiful Himalayan valley where you find mesmerizing views of flora & fauna.

Riverside Camping Highlights
  • Accommodation: 30 Alpine Camps
  • Washrooms: Common
  • Camps are located Ganga River Bank
  • Parking: Roadside
  • Walking distance from Road: 40 meters downhill
  • Facilities: Light & charging points inside tents, Volleyball, etc.
  • Inclusion: 3 Time buffet meals, evening veg snacks, stay, music, beach volleyball, etc.

Price Range: Rs 1100 to 1400 Per Person

02. Ganga Vatika River View Luxury Camp in Rishikesh


At the river view camping site in Rishikesh, you have a chance to explore the untouched beauty of the Garhwal ranges. It is the most excellent place for overnight camping near Rishikesh. This campsite is around 16 km from Rishikesh but the road to the campsite is very good.

Highlight About This Campsite
  • Accommodation: 15 Swiss Camps
  • Max Occupancy: 49 Adults
  • Washrooms: Attached
  • Ganga River & Sand Beach: 200 meters downhill
  • Parking: Roadside
  • Facilities: Air-cooler, fan, light, charging point, & swimming pool
  • Inclusion: 3 Time buffet meals, evning veg snacks, stay, music, etc.

Package Cost: Rs 1500 to 2000 Per Person

03. Mountain View Camp & Cottage with Parking & Swimming Pool


Mountain View Camp is a perfect go-to destination in Rishikesh. This campsite on the slopes of a mountain, with a swimming pool and unspoiled wilderness all around, laced with incomparable luxury, this stay is everything you thought about for a staycation.

Highlight About This Campsite
  • Accommodation: 18 Swiss Camps & 8 Cottages
  • Washrooms: Attached
  • Max Occupancy: 100 Adults
  • Parking: Free Parking at Campsite
  • Facilities: Air-cooler, light, charging-point, & swimming pool
  • Inclusion: 3 Time buffet meals, evning veg snacks, stay, music, etc.

Price Range: Rs 1100 to 1400 Per Person

04. Shivpuri Camping with Swimming Pool

rishikesh campingshivpuri camp

Because of the short proximity from the city, this campsite is much preferred if someone is going to check-in lately. If you are looking for a quick getaway, then this budget camping site in Rishikesh is the most affordable camping near Delhi or Rishikesh. With this luxury camping experience in Rishikesh, you'll get a chance to witness and explore the beauty of Ganga bank and its surroundings. The campsite also offers a snooker and projector in the common area with lots of indoor activities like ludo, carrom, chess, dart, etc.

Shivpuri Campsite Highlights
  • Accommodation: 15 Swiss Camps
  • Washrooms: Attached
  • Max Occupancy: 60 Adults
  • Parking: Roadside
  • Distance from Ganga River: 150 meters
  • Walking Distance from Road: 50 meters
  • Facilities: Air-cooler, light, charging-point, & swimming pool
  • Inclusion: 3 Time buffet meals, evning veg snacks, stay, music, etc.

Price Range: Rs 1300 to 1800 Per Person

05. Jungle Camping in Rishikesh


Luxury campsite is one of the clean and meticulously maintained spacious camping sites in Rishikesh. This camping site is open almost all the month of the year. The polite and courteous staff at this campsite will make your stay more adorable. The idyllic nature of this campsite is what makes it one of the favorites of travelers. It caters to the needs of small to large groups. This campsite has a swimming pool, playground, volleyball court, and all the things of fun you need on your vacation.

Rishikesh Jungle Camping Highlights
  • Accommodation: 30 Swiss Camps
  • Washrooms: Attached
  • Parking: Free Parking Availble in Camp
  • Distance from Small River: 500 meters
  • Facilities: Free Wifi, Table tennis, Air-cooler, light, charging-point, & swimming pool
  • Inclusion: 3 Time buffet meals, evning veg snacks, stay, music, etc.

Price Range: Rs 1600 to 2000 Per Person

06. Rafting Expedition Camp on Ganges


Rishikesh the land of spiritual Ganges River, famous adventure destination of Uttarakhand India. During our river rafting expedition not only do we camp at one of the most remote and stunning areas of Himalayas but you also get to enjoy scrumptious meals, relax by camp fires and take in the opportunity to hike around the area, exploring new places and getting a feel of a new culture.

Highlights of Expedition Camp in Rishikesh
  • Accommodation: Dome Tents
  • Washrooms: Common Sandpit
  • Duration: Multi Day Tour (2 to 4 Days)
  • Age: 16 Years to 45 Years
  • Safety: The rafting expedition would be supported by experienced safety kayakers / river guides, and the team would be outfitted with good quality gear matching international standards.

Price Range: Rs 15000 to 20000 Per Person

Activities To Try With Camping in Rishikesh

River Rafting in Rishikesh

Options: 10 Km, 16 Km, & 26 Km
Starts @ Rs 600   Read More

Kayaking in Ganga River

Cost: Rs 3200 Per Day
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   Read More

Riverside Activities

Cost: Rs 499 to Rs 999
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   Read More

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Location: Shivpuri, Rishikesh
Rs 3700/person   Read More

Giant Swing in Shivpuri

Location: Shivpuri
Rs 1000 Read More

Zipline Over The Ganga

Cost: Rs 1800 per person
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   Read More

Rishikesh Camping Booking

To Book Camping in Rishikesh, just select the campsite from our website and WhatsApp us. We will share the quotation for your package on WhatsApp. You can also directly WhatsApp us for the details of the campsite and we will share the complete details of all our camps.

  • Share your Details like travel date, total no of people, and any requirements.
  • We will share the complete details of the campsite along with the charges.
  • Once you'll confirm the package we will share the final quotation and payment details
  • After receiving the advance payment we will share your booking confirmation message with details like payment detail, navigation link, room reservations, and our alternative contact numbers.

Rishikesh Camping Price & Inclusion

Costing is the most important factor to consider when you are on a weekend trip. You have already saved thousands of rupees when you thought to go with Camp Ganga Vatika. Camp Ganga Vatika offers an array of campsites for all budgets that include all the camping activities, meals, and amenities like air coolers and electricity.

Camp Ganga Vatika also offers some affordable camping options near the Ganga River bank in Rishikesh, where the starting price is just Rs 1099. This place is only 16 km from the city center of Rishikesh.

1Night Rishikesh Camping Includes

  • ⛺ Stay in camp (Double & Triple Sharing)
  • 🍲 Buffet lunch (Veg.)
  • 🥘 Buffet dinner ( Veg./Non Veg.)
  • 🥘 Buffet breakfast
  • 🍔 Evening veg snacks
  • 🏸 Sports like badminton & volleyball
  • 🏖 Riverside visit (Ganga Beach)
  • ☕ Morning & evening tea
  • 🔥 Bonfire/Campfire in the evening
  • 💃 Light music till 10 pm
  • Air Cooler & Charging plug inside camps
  • Power Backup for lights
  • Swimming Pool Only in Luxury Camps/Cottages

What is not included -

  • 🚗 Any kind of transportation pick up and drop off for activities.
  • 💱 Any personal expenses.
  • 🤕 Any kind of insurance.
  • ⚠ Anything that is not mentioned in the cost inclusion list.

There are four basic categories of camping sites in Rishikesh and that are - luxury Campsites, Budget / Jungle Camping, and Beach Camping site. and Cottage in Rishikesh.

With the Rishikesh camping packages, travelers can participate in various other adventure activities in Rishikesh like river rafting, zipline, bungee jumping, kayaking, sky cycle, etc. There are different categories of campsites in Rishikesh which are categorized on the basis of the amenities they offer and the surrounding of the campsite. Luxury Camps & Cottages offer the attached washroom and swimming pool at the campsite while budget camps have a common washroom. The best thing about the Camp Ganga Vatika camping sites is that they offer all other basic amenities like air coolers & electricity in their budget campsite.

Most Popular Rishikesh Camping Packages in 2024
PackagePrice Per Person
1 Night Camping PackageRs 1200 to Rs 2000
Riverside Camping + 10 Km Rafting (Marine Drive to Shivpuri)Rs 1820
Luxury Camping with River RaftingRs 2500
Camping, Rafting & ZiplineRs 5000 Per Person
Camping with Adventure Activities (Bungee, Giant Swing, Zipline & Rafting)Rs 9999
AC Camping in RishikeshRs 2000
Rafting Expedition Camp in RishikeshRs 20000

The above prices may vary depending on the season, no of travelers, and sharing basis. To know the confirmed charges for your travel date please contact us on WhatsApp.

So are you ready for camping with adventure and a unique experience at Rishikesh? This is sure to be one of the best camping experiences in Rishikesh, where campers get a perfect blend of adventure & nature.

About Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is not only famous for yoga but also for adventure. Rishikesh is also known as an adventure hub of Uttarakhand. White water river rafting, kayaking, camping, zipline, bungee jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, and trekking are some famous adventure activities operated in Rishikesh under the proper safety measures.

Rishikesh camping is among the famous adventure destination in India and is enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year. Whether someone coming for a spiritual journey or looking for adventure, Camping is the best option to stay in Rishikesh. Camping in Rishikesh serves as a peaceful and delightful environment that reduces your stress and mesmerizes you with the beauty of nature.

Depending upon the surrounding nature and location there are two types of camping available in Rishikesh that are Riverside Camping (also known as beach camping) and Jungle camping. Depending upon the facility, amenities & type of camps or tents provided, camping in Rishikesh is further classifieds into several categories i.e. normal/budget camps, deluxe camps, and Swiss camps/cottages also called luxury camps.

Beach Camping: Camping in Rishikesh gets into fame from Riverside beach camps and river rafting but after the ban from NGT on the beach camping, riverside camps are closed in Rishikesh. Ban is now continued on the beach camps. After the ban from NGT, people shifted their camps to private land which are at some distance from the river. Few campsites in Rishikesh are 200 meters from the Ganga river and have a riverfront and work under the norms of NGT.

Camp Ganga Vatika also owns a similar campsite which is located near the highway and just a short distance from the Ganga River and the beach which is easily accessible. They are not beach camps but much better than that. Where you will get the combined facilities of a beach camp and luxury camp like electricity, music, a swimming pool, and an air cooler. You can also visit Ganga Beach as the river Ganga is nearby (only 5 minute's walk).

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Rishikesh Camping F.A.Q's

What are the types of campsites in Rishikesh?

Depending upon the surroundings and location of the campsite there are two types of camping sites available in Rishikesh that are Riverside Camping (also known as beach camping) and Jungle camping.
And based on amenities & the type of tents provided, Rishikesh campsites are further classifieds into two categories normal/budget campsites and luxury campsites.

What is the per-person price for camping in Rishikesh?

It depends upon the duration of your stay and the venue you opt for. We have three categories of campsites in Rishikesh - Beach Camps, Luxury Camps & Ganga view luxury camp. The price of 1-night camping in Rishikesh will cost you between Rs 1599 to Rs 6000 per person. You can check the prices and inclusion of all packages above.

Things to carry for camping in Rishikesh?

Bring some loose or sporty clothes and shoes, slippers, a torch, your favorite drinks, and medicines if you need them. A small market is nearby where you find all the food and beverages. Please don't forget to bring slippers, especially if you are planning to do rafting.

What is the best budget-friendly camping option in Rishikesh?

If you are searching for a campsite that fits your budget and also doesn't compromise with the quality then you should opt for nature/ Mountain view camping.

Is Camping open in Rishikesh?

Yes, all camping sites in Rishikesh are open. The opening season of different camping sites in Rishikesh are -

What are the latest camping prices in Rishikesh?

Riverside CampingRs 1100 Rs 1200
Luxury CampingRs 1499Rs 1599
CottagesRs 1599Rs 1899

Best season for camping in Rishikesh

You can visit Rishikesh for camping throughout the year. However, the best time for camping in Rishikesh is from September to April

Is camping safe in Rishikesh?

Yes, camping is completely safe in Rishikesh. Our jungle camp and luxury camps are located on private land which is fully safe and secure for kids and families as a comparison to the riverside beach camp.

Can we bring food and drink from outside?

Yes, you can bring your favorite food, snacks, and drinks from the outside and can consume them in your area.

What will be the check-in & check-out time at Rishikesh Camping?

Check-In time will be 11:00 AM & check-out time will be 10:30 AM.

Is Rishikesh the best place for camping?

Definitely Yes, Rishikesh camping can be a good option for your holiday and also a great way to enjoy nature with your loved ones.
Exotic campsite stay, live music, campfire, snacks, and night parties are things that will make your camping in Rishikesh special & memorable. Staying at Rishikesh camping sites gives you a unique experience of adventure and nature

Best Places In Rishikesh To Visit?

Rishikesh is a land of temples, a hub of adventure activities, mesmerizing views of nature, and some fabulous stays. So, without further ado, let's look at the top places you can visit in Rishikesh.

  • Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan / Triveni Ghat
  • Famous beaches of Rishikesh & Shivpuri
  • River Rafting at Ganges River.
  • Waterfall and Ashrams
  • Trekking in Rishikesh

What is the difference between beach camping & luxury camping in Rishikesh?

Beach Camping RishikeshLuxury Camping Rishikesh
Located on the Ganga river bank.Some distance from the Ganga river
No electricity & air coolersElectricity & air cooler available
Common WashroomsAttached washrooms
Price range: Rs 1000 to Rs 1300Price range: Rs 1400 to Rs 2000

What is the booking, cancellation & refund policy?

✔️ 50% of the total package cost is required to confirm the booking.
✔️ The balance of 50% of the package cost should be paid by CASH upon arrival (at Check-In Time).
✔️ In case the remainder of the fee, you prefer to pay by online transaction, the tax will be added to the amount.
✔️ For Amendment or Cancellation of bookings: ➢ Advance amount is non-refundable
✔️ In case of No Show, Late Check-in, or Early Check-out within the reserved duration, there will be no refund or discount.