ACTIVITIES IN RISHIKESH - 25+ Adventure Sports in 2023

Activities in Rishikesh

Adventure activities in Rishikesh are countless. While popularly known for its spirituality, yoga, and natural beauty, Rishikesh offers thrills as well! with a wide range of adventure sports. Every single adventure activity in Rishikesh guarantees to pump up your adrenaline and give you a lifetime experience. Whether you’re a student, solo traveler, newlywed honeymooner, a bachelor’s crew, or even a family on vacation, these adventure activities & sports will allow you to renew your heartbeat and feed the daredevil inside you!

  • Location: Rishikesh
  • Price Range: Rs 499 to Rs 3550 Per Person
  • All activities in Rishikesh & their details given below
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List of Adventure Activities in Rishikesh India

Here is the list of most popular adventure activities in Rishikesh and the neighboring regions, have to offer to give you an adrenaline rush!:

  1. River Rafting in Rishikesh
  2. Kayaking in the Ganga River
  3. Camping in Rishikesh
  4. Zipline Over the Ganga River
  5. Body Surfing
  6. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh
  7. Rope Course: 10+ Activities
  8. Cliff jumping
  9. Giant Swing or Pendulum Swing
  10. Reverse Bungee
  11. Flying Fox in Rishikesh
  12. Yoga in Rishikesh
  13. Sky Cycle
  14. Go Karting
  15. Superman Shot Rishikesh
  16. Trekking & Hiking in Rishikesh
  17. Rock Climbing & Rappelling in Rishikesh
  18. Paintball
  19. Tree Climbing
  20. Water Zorbing

Details About All Activities in Rishikesh


River Rafting in Rishikesh

River Rafting or white water rafting is the most enjoyable adventure activity in Rishikesh. Thousands of tourists come to Rishikesh to only enjoy this thrilling water activity. Rafting in Rishikesh is operated in the holy river Ganga.
The average rafting price in Rishikesh is Rs 600 per person. River rafting price depends upon the stretch distance, rapid grade, and the number of people. Below is the cost of rafting activities according to their stretch -

  • 16 Km River Rafting from Shivpuri to Rishikesh Nim Beach: Rs 1000 per person
  • 10 Km River Rafting from Marine Drive to Shivpuri: Rs 600 per person
  • 26 Km River Rafting from Marine Drive to Rishikesh Nim Beach: Rs 1500 per person
  • 09 Km River Rafting from Brahmpuri to Rishikesh: Rs 600 per person

To Know More about this activity or if you want to book rafting click this button - Book Rafting in Rishikesh


Kayaking in Rishikesh on the Ganga River

Rishikesh is one of the prime and best locations for kayaking in India. It's a popular adventure sport on the river in which a person uses a slim plastic-made water boat known as a kayak to move across the river. It has not to doubt that the river Ganga is the finest place to experience this water activity and has several stretches of Class I and II rapids

Being the dream place for kayak lovers, thousands of tourists come here across the globe to enjoy this activity on the river Ganga. There are lots of kayaking festivals and expeditions organized in the city by the local tour operators every year.

  • Duration: 2, 3, 7, 15, & 28 Days.
  • Price: 3700 Per Person Per Day.
  • Location: Shivpuri, Rishikesh
Know More About Kayaking


Camping in Rishikesh

When it comes about to staying in Rishikesh then camps are the most loved accommodation option for travelers. There are several categories of campsites available in Rishikesh and some of them are -

The camping package includes - stay in camps, meals, evening snacks, morning evening tea, bonfire, night music, camping activities, and much more. With their camping activity you can enjoy river rafting and lots of other adventure sports listed on this page.

Camping price in Rishikesh starts from Rs 1200 and goes up to Rs 2500 per person for a 1-night stay including food.

Camping in Rishikesh


Zipline Activity Over the Ganga River

Zipline Activity in Rishikeshhas operated over the holy river Ganga in a small village Shivpuri 16 km from Rishikesh city. Zipline activity not only boosts your adrenaline, but also gives you a panoramic view of the river Ganga, scenic mountains, and valleys.

Below are the details of this fantastic adventure activity -

  • Zipline Height: 70 meters
  • Zipline Distance: 750 meters
  • Price: Rs 1800 per person
  • Age: Minimum 12 yrs

Love speed? Fulfill your desire of speeding against the winds - Book your zipline ride today with Camp Ganga Vatika.

Zipline in Rishikesh


Body Surfing in Rishikesh in the Ganga River

During this activity, you'll be floating over the river with the help of life jackets and there is no use of a surfboard or bodyboard in this adventure sport. As it is part of river rafting so there is no extra price for body surfing in Rishikesh and it is included in the rafting package.

Physical fitness is required for the activity. Heavyweight and alcohol are strictly prohibited. This activity is performed under the guidance of the river guide. He will provide teach you with techniques and methods of doing the activity. Safety equipment will be provided by the operator.

If you want to experience this amazing activity with camping and rafting in Rishikesh then Camp Ganga Vatika gives you the option to customize your package and add on some extra activities. So What you are waiting for? Contact our team for the best packages.


Bungee Jumping Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh is an extremely popular activity amongst visitors to the city. You will be jumping out of a plane at a height of almost 83 meters and swoop down onto the stunning Rishikesh valley landscape. As you come down, you will be able to catch stunning sights of valleys. The cost of bungee jumping in Rishikesh is 3500 per person. There are lots of other activities operated in the same place as a giant swing

This amazing activity is operated in Mohanchatti by Jumpin Heights. Designed by experts from New Zealand, Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh follows the Australian & New Zealand Standards Authority Guidelines for commercial operations inactivity and these standards have now been incorporated to form the Indian Standards which did not exist before.

About Bungee Jumping


Rope Course - 20+ Rope Activities in Rishikesh

The rope course is a perfect adventure activity to enhance your coordination, team building, and balancing skills. The rope course features many rope activities in one and you have to climb, walk, and balance on specially designed ropes set high in the air. The Rope Course activity in Rishikesh comes with three levels of difficulty stages, namely Level 1, Level 2, and Level

About Rope Course


Cliff jumping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a well famous destination for watersports adventures. During your river rafting trips, there are lots of activities performed and Cliff jumping is one of them. If you’re looking for a day adventure then Cliff jumping is the best thing to do in Rishikesh.

Jumping from the cliff doubles the thrill of river rafting activity. Once you experience it, it's sure you will do it again and again. During the rafting expedition, the river rafting guide gives you several opportunities to jump off a cliff. The activity place is also called cliff jumping point and it is just 2 km from the iconic Laxman Jhula Bridge.


Giant Swing Rishikesh

Giant Swing in Rishikesh is a perfect adventure sport for people looking for an off-beat experience in the city. Fuel up your energy and get ready to indulge in a various number of breathtaking activities available here. The best thing about this activity is that it can be done in by 2 people in Tandem too ~ Swing Tandem bungee jumping with a friend or your partner.

Here are some basic eligibility for Giant Swing Activity in Rishikesh

  • Minimum Age - 12 yrs
  • Minimum Weight – 35 kg
  • Maximum Weight – 130 kg

Process: This activity is operated from the same platform from where bungee jumping is operated. You are fitted with a seat & chest harness which is connected to the fixed wire ropes and after the initial free fall, the ropes will smoothly swing you like a pendulum.

Giant Swing Rishikesh


Reverse Bungee Rishikesh

This is one of the extreme adventure activities in Rishikesh. Reverse Bungee Jumping is Just the opposite of bungee jumping in which you will be thrown 180 feet in the air in less than 3 seconds and attain speeds of up to 200km/hr while rotating in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. In this adventure sport, you'll be beating the gravity force.

If you are looking for a thrill and adventure activity to do in Rishikesh the Reverse bungee is for you. Fulfill your thirst for adventure while gripping this exciting adventure sport.

More About Reverse Bungee


Flying Fox in Rishikesh

Flying fox in Rishikesh is operated at the outskirt of Rishikesh in the small village named Mohanchatti. This activity is normally done by 3 people in tandem and it can also be done solo, at an extra cost. After walking down to the cafeteria, claim your dare to jump certificate. Fly at 140 Kmph on Asia's longest flying fox! designed by experts from New Zealand.

More About Flying Fox


Yoga in Rishikesh India

Rishikesh is a perfect destination for both yoga and thrill lovers. Located at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas along the banks of the holy river Ganga, Rishikesh is well known for its spirituality and adventure tourism.

You can enjoy yoga drop-in classes offered in numerous yoga centers. Practice yoga and meditation while listening to the sounds of the river Ganga and experience a variety of yoga styles in the city. Apart from the daily yoga classes, also you can take part in professional short-term yoga courses like yoga retreats & Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Many yoga ashrams in Rishikesh offer free stays with daily yoga & meditation sessions. Yoga ashrams in Rishikesh are known for their traditional yogic lifestyle and teaching. The yoga guru in these ashrams is ready to guide you through a journey of self-discovery.

Yoga in Rishikesh


Sky Cycle in Rishikesh

Another Adventure in Height - Skycycle is a recently added adventure activity in Rishikesh Shivpuri & one of the best things to do in Rishikesh. Skycycle, helmet, and other safety equipment will be provided to you upon arrival at the starting point. This activity is performed with high standards of safety with professional and experienced instructors.

Sky Cycle in Rishikesh


Go Karting in Rishikesh

If you are a lover of speed and then go-karting in Rishikesh would be a perfect fit for you. The go-karting experience, one of the most thrilling in Rishikesh, is fun for all ages. Powered by electricity rather than petrol, the karts are better for the environment and produce no exhaust fumes.

Go Karting in Rishikesh


Superman Shot in Rishikesh

For those who love to be high up in the skies, there is a superman shot available in Rishikesh. Each of these places offers beautiful views of the shoreline, valleys, and hills. Easily managed for children and adults, this activity can be done by families together.


Hiking & Trekking in Rishikesh

Due to the presence of marvelous spots with mountains, hills, lush forests, cliffs, river Ganges and glinting waterfalls, Rishikesh is a great adventure destination for thrill-seekers. The majority of the tourists desire to enjoy hiking and trekking in Rishikesh once they reach their destination. Hiking trips are organized by many tour operators or you can go by yourself also and explore the mountains on their foot. These hiking & trekking trips deliver breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayan mountains.Here are some best places for hiking and trekking in Rishikesh

  • Kunjapuri Devi Temple Trek
  • Waterfall Trekking
  • Neer Gaddu Waterfall
  • Vasisith Gufa
  • Garud Chati Waterfall
  • Hiking along the banks of Ganga
  • Village Trek

There are other hiking spots in Rishikesh also but not quite popular, probably because of their strategic location or difficulty level. You can explore them too


Rock climbing & Rappelling in Rishikesh

Rock climbing has gained much popularity in Rishikesh as an adventure sport, and there are now several spots in Rishikesh where you can experience this unique adventure activity. Under the guidance of a trained instructor, Rock climbing and rappelling activities are performed on the natural rock formations with the safety gears which will be provided by the operator.


Paintball in Rishikesh

Played for recreation, paintball is a team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules called paintballs that break upon impact.

upon impact. This adventure in Rishikesh is a perfect activity for a corporate outing and a large group of friends. People of all ages can participate together and it requires no prior training to join the activity. Play on a wide field while running and chasing your opponents.

Paintball in Rishikesh


Water Zorbing in Rishikesh

If you are searching to try watersports in Rishikesh, which will give you a memorable adventure experience. This adventure in Rishikesh can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Operated in village Shivpuri, one can have great fun inside an air-filled ball rolling in water bodies.


Tree Climbing in Rishikesh

Nowadays, Recreational Tree Climbing is a fast-growing outdoor pursuit that is exhilarating, challenging, and relaxing. It is a great way for people of all ages to combine exercise, education, and the outdoors into one great activity. Using arborist ropes and comfortable harnesses are suggested along with a brief training before you ascend into the tree. In Rishikesh, this activity can be enjoyed in the village Shivpuri.

Best Selling Adventure Sports Packages in 2023

Rishikesh is an adventure lover’s paradise with nature’s bounty in the form of gorgeous mountains and river valleys that will take your breath away. The mesmerizing hills offer a thrilling destination for groovy backpackers. In the lap of the Himalayas, Rishikesh surrounded by its flawless beauty has earned fame among adventure junkies for its diverse terrains that provide for performing some exciting activities. Below are some best-selling adventure sports packages in Rishikesh:

ActivityStarting Cost
River Rafting in RishikeshRs 499
Kayaking in RishikeshRs 3200
Rafting + CampingRs 1800
Kyakaing Introduction + Day Rafting TripRs 4000
Zipline over the Ganga + River RaftingRs 2400
Zipline + Rafting + CampingRs 3600
Camping + Rafting + KayakingRs 5500
Bungee Jumping + Rafting + CampingRs 6000
Camping + 1 Day Kayaking CourseRs 4500
Camping + 3 Days Kayaking CourseRs 14000

Charges for all the above packages are starting costs and may vary depending on the season, no of people, and day of travel. To know the best prices for your packages please contact us on WhatsApp with your requirements. With several adventure tours in Rishikesh to choose from, you can just have the time of your lives and enjoy the feeling of thrill and exhilaration.

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FAQ's About Activities in Rishikesh

What are the best team-building activities in Rishikesh?

River Rafting, Paintball, Sports like beach volleyball, badminton, beach volleyball, and rappelling are some great team-building adventure activities in Rishikesh. With Rishikesh Camping packages there are lots of complimentary recreational adventure activities that can be enjoyed like - beach volleyball, rope activities, etc.

Which are the best activities under Rs 1000 in Rishikesh?

Here are some best adventure activities in Rishikesh that can be enjoyed under Rs 1000 -

Adventure in Rishikesh to do in Summer?

Almost all adventure activities in Rishikesh can be enjoyed in summer. But River Rafting in Ganga River is something special which you can enjoy during the summer season. If you have a long vacation of up to 1 week then you can enjoy a river expedition or can learn kayaking in Rishikesh
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Which are the best rafting packages in Rishikesh?

Here are some famous river rafting packages in Rishikesh -

  • 16 Km Rafting from Shivpuri to Rishikesh with Cliff Jumping & Body Surfing | Price Rs 800 to 1000 per person
  • 10 Km Rafting from Marine Drive to Shivpuri @ Rs 600 per person
  • River Rafting & Camping in Rishikesh @ Rs 1499 per person
  • View - Best Rafting Packages in Rishikesh

What should I wear during rafting in Rishikesh?

Shorts, cotton t-shirts, or any comfortable clothes are what you should bring when trying out watersports in Rishikesh. Life jackets, helmets, and important equipment are provided by rafting operators.

Which is the best place for adventure in Rishikesh?

Shivpuri, 16 Km from the main city is the best place where you can experience lots of adventure activities like camping, river rafting, kayaking, zipline, rope course, reverse bungee, rock climbing, etc.

Which is the safest activity in Rishikesh for children?

It depends upon the age of the child. Here are some adventure activities which can be enjoyed by children of any age - Camping, Water Zorbing, Yoga, rope course activity.

What are the best things to do in Rishikesh in winter?

If you're traveling to Rishikesh in winter then camping, bonfire, rope course, zipline over the Ganga river, bungee jumping, and rock climbing are some good activities that can be enjoyed. With these activities, you can also take part in the great maa Ganga aarti in the evening at Parmarth Niketan or in Triveni Ghat.

Is there any discount for a group booking?

Yes, Discounts are available on group booking. In lots of activities, you can also get an early bird booking discount. To know more contact us.

Is one day enough to enjoy all the adventure activities in Rishikesh?

No, It requires a minimum of 2 days to enjoy all activities in Rishikesh.