Riverside Camping in Rishikesh


Luxury Camp

Rs 1499
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Riverside Beach Camp

Rs 999
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Riverside camps in Rishikesh are set up right amidst greenery and offers the most serene experience ever. You can choose your stay between alpine tents nearby Ganga Bank or Luxury swiss camps with all modern amenities. Camp Ganga Vatika offer two riverside campsites i.e.
1) Ganga View Luxury Camp (Nearby Ganga Beach) - Ganga Bank is a 200 meters walk from the campsite. Swimming pool, Camp with Attached Washroom, Ganga River View, Fan/Air-Cooler inside camps.
2) Riverside Alpine Camp near Ganga Bank - This is the only camp near Ganga Bank in Rishikesh - It is a nature campsite in which you'll not get any modern amenities like electricity & music.

Luxury Riverside Camps in Rishikesh with Ganga View

Riverside luxury camps in Rishikesh are some of the most relaxing ones that you can find in this place. If you are traveling to Rishikesh for a laid-back vacation, head to a luxury campsite which is just a 200-meter walk from Ganga Beach. The rooms are well furnished with all modern amenities like air coolers, charging plug, attached western washroom. In the evening you may freshen up and get ready for the different riverside activities like body surfing/swimming, nature walk, hiking, etc. Situated at the heart of nature these riverside camps offer one the best possible comfort and natural beauty. These luxury camps over here provide all the major facilities like a Swimming pool, attached washroom, and music system to get rid of boredom.


Swimming Pool

Ganga View



Luxury Tents

Mountain View
goa-beachGanga Beach Visit

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Luxury Riverside Camp Price

  • 1 Night Camping - Rs 1400
  • Camping with 12 Km Rafting - Rs 1850
  • Camping & Rafting 16 Km - Rs 2020
  • Camping, Rafting & Zipline - Rs 3500

Please confirm the prices before booking. Prices may vary on festivals and weekends, and depend upon availability.

About Riverside Camp Rishikesh

  • 5 min walking distance from Ganga beach.
  • Camps have electricity and air coolers.
  • Easy access to the small market and Ganga beach.
  • Attached Washroom.
  • Dining area, volleyball, and badminton court.
  • Ganga View Swimming Pool.

1 Night Camping Includes

  • Stay in clean and comfy Camps
  • All meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast)
  • Riverside activities at Ganga beach
  • Bonfire and light music at night
  • Outdoor Sports like Volleyball, Badminton, etc
  • Guided Nature Walk Nearby Campsite Area

Why Choose Ganga view Luxury Camps for Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

  • All Basic Amenities - These riverside luxury tents come with all the basic amenities you need for a comfortable stay like - private washroom, swimming pool, electricity, air cooler, charging plug, 24 hours power back, etc.
  • Ganga Beach & Small Market Nearby - White sand Ganga Beach and Ganga river is just 200 meters walking distance from the campsite. The Camp is just a 5-minute upside walk from the main road(NH-58, Badrinath highway)
  • Best Quality of Services & Food - This is a small campsite having 16 units of camps and offer the provides fast service to the guest. The camp offers the best quality of food.
  • Activities - With luxury riverside camping you can also enjoy riverside activities like swimming with safety equipment.
  • Ganga River View - As the campsite is just 200 meters from the Ganga river, you'll get the Ganga view from the campsite. The campsite has a big and clean swimming pool with a Ganga river view.
  • Camps are not in an isolated place - The small market is just 500 meters from the campsite. The highway is just 100 meters from the campsite. you'll not need to drive on single lane road to reach the campsite

Riverside Camping in Rishikesh at Ganga Bank/Beach

Riverside camps in Rishikesh along the banks of the Ganga river are more peaceful and lesser-explored places in Rishikesh for overnight camping. We have combined nature and adventure to provide you a unique accommodation and a soul-filling experience. These are the eco-friendly campsite nestled very close to nature and open for only nature lovers. This is one of the nearest campsites to the Ganga River. Consumption of alcohol and nonveg is strictly prohibited at the campsite.


Alpine Camps


200 mts from River

Ganga View

Riverside Visit


Bonfire in Camp

ganga-viewGanga Beach Visit

Simply Whatsapp us your date of travel, total no. of people and campsite you're looking for.

Riverside Camping Price

  • 1 Night Riverside Camping - Rs 999
  • Camping with 16Km Rafting - Rs 1620
  • Camping & Rafting 10 Km - Rs 1520
  • Camping, Rafting & Zipline - Rs 3000

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About Riverside Camp Rishikesh

  • 2 min walking distance from Ganga beach.
  • No Electricity (Lalten are available for lights)
  • Easy access to the small market and Ganga beach.
  • Common toilet & bathroom.
  • Dining area, volleyball, and badminton court.
  • Clean and comfy alpine tents.

Riverside Camping Includes

  • Stay in clean and comfy tents
  • All meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast)
  • Riverside activities at Ganga beach
  • Bonfire at night
  • Outdoor Sports like Volleyball, Badminton, etc
  • Guided Nature Walk Nearby Campsite Area

Why Choose Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

  • Ganga Beach & River Nearby -You'll get a Ganga River view from the campsite and can relax at Ganga Beach
  • Small Market Nearby - Small market is just 500 meters from the campsite.
  • Affordable Price - Offering a stay at the most affordable camping price in Shimla, the Redwood Camp Shimla is a great place to stay for budget travelers and backpackers.
  • Activities - Bonfire at night, Hiking (nature walk along with the Ganga Bank), Outdoor sports like volleyball and badminton.
  • Big Campsite Area- This campsite has one of the biggest campgrounds in Rishikesh.

F.A.Q About Riverside Camping

What is the 1-night riverside camping price in Rishikesh?

The price for 1 Night 2 days riverside Camping in Rishikesh is Rs 1000 per person and it depends upon the total number of person and day of traveling (weekday or weekends)

What are the best things to do with Riverside Camping in Rishikesh?

With the Riverside Camping in Rishikesh you can enjoy bonfire and light music at night, guided riverside visit and activities, sports at the campsite, river rafting, zipline, kayaking, and few other adventure sports.

Is camping in Rishikesh riverside camps are hygienic and safe?

We properly take care of hygiene and sanitation at the campsite through our daily cleaning protocol. We ensure the utmost care and personal safety of our guests and staff.

What is the best way to reach riverside camps in Rishikesh?

Riverside camps are located in a small village Shivpuri which is just 16 Km from Rishikesh on Badrinath Highway. The best way to reach Shivpuri is via an overnight bus from Metro cities. You can take semi-sleeper Volvo AC buses or normal sleeper buses. The bus journey takes 6 to 7 hours to reach Rishikesh from Delhi.

Which are the best places to visit near riverside camp?

Here are some popular tourist attractions to visit during Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

  • White sand Ganga beach - 150 meters (walk)
  • Neer Waterfall - 9 Km
  • Triveni Ghat - 22 Kms
  • Vasisth Gufa - 9 Km
  • Small market - 500 meter
  • Rishikesh City - 18 Kms
  • Laxman Jhula - 16 Kms
  • Chaurasi Kutiya - 20Kms.
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